Monday 18th October 2021
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Introduction to the Motivation Survey

We all participate in activities for a variety of reasons, and research suggests that different dance forms attract different people (Niemenin 1998). The purpose of this survey is to consider the following:

1) Why do people living in the UK participate in Lindy Hop and do the motives depend on the type of lindy activity?

2) Do these motives vary by age, gender, years of participation, or frequency of participation?

3) Does the type of Lindy Hop activity and the frequency of that activity vary depending on whether one has a dance partner or not, and does this depend on whether they are romantically involved or not?

4) Is there a relationship between one's anticipated future involvement in Lindy Hop and why they participate?

The questionnaire is anonymous, and your answers will be kept in the utmost confidence. As a way of saying thanks for your participation in this survey, we will be holding a party on the 19 September which will be free to everyone who submits the questionnaire. Details of the party will be given once you fill in the form.

This survey will form the basis of a dissertation being submitted as partial fulfillment to an MA in dance studies.

Thanks for your assistance in this survey.


Christi Guest


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