Monday 18th October 2021
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Music for Swing Dancing

We often get asked what type and tempo of music is suitable for swing dancing. Swing music is a very broad genre (as is swing dance itself!) and personal preferences vary a lot, so we do not attempt to list all possible styles of swing music here. However, we give some examples of the type of music that we DJ for certain styles of swing dance.

We play a wide range of styles and tempos of swing music suitable for Balboa, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Laminu and other styles of swing and jazz dance. The era in which it was recorded doesn't matter so long as it feels good for swing dancing. More important to us are the style, musicianship and quality of recording.

Lindy Hop & Balboa

For us the important characteristics for these dances are a syncopated, swinging feel, and an interesting rhythm section. Tempos vary widely for both dances. We typically DJ tempos from around 120 to 250 BPM.

Lindy Hop/Balboa playlist


Laminu is danced on very slow swing music. Tempos we use are typically between between 70 and 90 BPM. The music should still have a syncopated, swinging beat.

Laminu playlist


Charleston is danced on lively jazz music from the 1920s, which predates the swing era. The music has more of a ragtime feel and a stronger emphasis on the odd beats.

Charleston playlist

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