Monday 18th June 2018
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Dance Teacher Training Workshop

Sunday 15th June 2014
We are running a teacher-training workshop for those interested in teaching dance on Sunday 15th June 2014. The workshop will be held at The Pilot pub in Chiswick. This is a lovely venue where we can relax and get some food and drinks after the workshop.
This workshop aims to give teachers a more in-depth understanding of key learning/teaching processes applicable to dance. We will explore how people learn and acquire physical movement skills such as those in dancing. This will include a consideration of relevant academic theories and how they relate to learning dance. We will explore how this theoretical knowledge can be applied and included into your chosen teaching methodologies. Topics will include:
- What is the role/aim of a dance teacher - Lead discussion
- How do people learn - Explanation of learning styles
- Good general practices for teaching motor skills (e.g. dance) - Suggested Pedagogy
- How to facilitate multiple learning methods within your classes - Discussion & Examples
- Understanding what you see, knowing what you do yourself - Tips for analysing dance & exercises
This workshop will be useful to anyone interested in dance teaching, including those who are already teaching regularly, those who only teach occasionally, and people who haven't yet begun teaching but perhaps aspire to in the future. The workshop is absolutely not about dancing per se! It is about the learning and teaching of physical movement. Your level of dancing skill is therefore largely irrelevant since we will not actually be doing any dancing, nor talking about any specific dance techniques. It will be an interactive presentation with plenty of discussion and sharing of experiences. As a Swing dance teacher I anticipate that the majority of attendees will come from the swing dance community. However, people from other dance styles are equally welcome as the content is applicable to any style of dancing.
This workshop will be lead by Dan Guest, a renowned dance teacher specialising in Afro-American partner dances and vernacular Jazz from the 1920 to 1940s. His particular specialties are Lindy Hop, Balboa and Charleston, together with other, less well-known dances of the era. He started swing dancing in 1994 and is a former UK Lindy Hop Champion. He is a respected dance historian and a renowned instructor, having taught at many prestigious swing dance events throughout the world, such as Herrang. He has taught his own regular weekly dance classes for nearly 20 years, further honing his teaching methods during the hundreds of workshops that he has taught over the years across dozens of different countries. During this time he has become just as passionate about teaching as he is about dancing itself. This obsession lead him to investigate which academic theories relate to teaching dance, and which could be helpful in understanding and improving his own teaching. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for people to share in his accumulated teaching wisdom.
You need to book and pay in advance to attend this workshop. Please email us to book your place and we will send you the necessary payment details. You do not need a partner as the workshop will be theory-based. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. 
Dan Guest
Workshop: 2pm to 6pm
The Pilot
56 Wellesley Rd, Chiswick, London, W4 4BZ  (Map)
Nearest tube is Gunnersbury. We are in the separate garden room building - walk through the bar and into the rear garden to find us.
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Tel: 01865 872010
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