Thursday 22nd March 2018
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Camps & Workshops

A listing of all 4 forthcoming Camps & Workshops from the Calendar.
23rd Mar 2018
25th Mar 2018
The Vienna Balboa & Laminu Experience 2018
A weekend of workshops in Balboa, Laminu and Slow Balboa in the beautiful Austrian capital city of Vienna.
6th Apr 2018
8th Apr 2018
Brighton Lindy Hop Festival
Come to Brighton, enjoy the sunshine, eat ice cream and dance to your hearts content.
11th May 2018
13th May 2018
The Maytime Mess Around
The Titchfield Lindy Weekender. 3 days of social dancing and workshops.
5th Oct 2018
7th Oct 2018
Brighton Balboa Festival
The Brighton Balboa weekender. Two days of balboa workshops and social dancing in Brighton.


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