Friday 22nd September 2023
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Lindy Circle News - Dance Floor Issue

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Lindy Circle News - Dance Floor Issue Hi all,

Unfortunately we have a problem with the floor at our venue. I'm therefore having to cancel Bal Revival next Tues 29th March, and perhaps further weeks until the repair is completed.

A water leak has caused two areas of the floor to warp and buckle, making it unusable for dancing. The leak has now been fixed but the damage to the floor will take longer to rectify. The venue expects this to be completed within the next week or two. Thus hopefully it will only be a short break before we are able to resume Bal Revival again.

I have removed this coming Tuesday from the calendar and booking system, and issued refunds. I am witholding all future dates from the calendar and booking system until I have certainty on when the floor repair will be completed.

I will send another newsletter as soon we are ready to resume again...


Dan Guest
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