Wednesday 7th December 2022
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Re: Lindy Circle News - Bal Revival Online

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Re: Lindy Circle News - Bal Revival Online & Strolls Hi all,

We're adding the Tranky Doo to our regular social strolls for Tuesday nights. The emphasis won't be on teaching this per se, this is more of a practice opportunity. However, if you want to learn it properly Swing Dance Leeds are doing an online course starting at 8.30pm tonight:



Bal Revival continues online every Tuesday at 8Pm. We will be dancing some strolls at around 8.30pm. We won't be teaching the strolls per se, because our virtual socials are a bit more informal, and there are many other great teachers already running online lessons. However we are happy to help if you have questions with particular moves. Think of it as an opportunity to practice together rather than a teaching session.

Initially we plan to focus on Dean Collins' Shim Sham and the Tranky Doo, so we will dance both of these each week. If you are interested in learning the Tranky Doo properly, Swing Dance Leeds are running online courses at 8.30pm on Wednesdays. See their Facebook page and events for details:

You can see a video of Dan's interpretation of Dean Collins' Shim Sham here:


When: Tuesdays 8pm to 9pm-ish with strolls at around 8.30. You don't need to be there for the whole time - just drop in!

Where: Online via Zoom. To join, just click this link:

If you need the meeting ID or password, they are:
Meeting ID: 822 6298 6066
Password: LondonBal

What: A video conference social with DJ'd music and the option to join in and dance and/or chat. You will join into a "main room" where you will be able to chat with us and other participants. When you join, we will invite you to join a second "breakout room" where we will be playing DJ'd swing music. You can switch between the rooms whenever you like depending on whether you want to chat or dance or just listen to the music!

Below are some tips if you haven't used Zoom before... you can skip the rest of this email if you're already familiar with it....

Technical requirements:

You should be able to join from any smartphone, or any computer or laptop that has web access and can play sound. If you have a camera and microphone we strongly encourage you to enable them to join in and interact with us! Although this is optional - it's fine to join and just go to the "dance room" to listen to the music. You can also send text messages via the Chat option in Zoom to interact with us even if you don't have a microphone or camera. You should be able to join even if you don't have the Zoom app installed, but you will get a better experience if you download the application to your computer or phone. You can set this up ahead of time from In the Settings page in the app you can test the Audio and Video settings to check that everything is working, but don't worry if it isn't - we will try to help you on the day!

Tips while you're in the conference:

- Move the mouse over the screen to see the toolbar at the bottom (it's hidden by default!).
- In the DANCE room, the DJ music will mean that we can't really hear each other talk. Mute your microphone if you can because it might cause a small amount of interference. (MUTE button on the toolbar in the bottom left corner).
- Enable your microphone in the CHAT (main) room (UNMUTE button in the bottom left corner).
- Enable the GALLERY VIEW so you can see everyone at the same time (button in top right corner).
- Enable your video in both rooms so we can all see each other (unless you really are shy).
- Use the BREAKOUT ROOMS button (on the toolbar at the bottom) to change to the dance room.
- Once in the dance room you can use the LEAVE BREAKOUT ROOM button (bottom right) to go back to the main room for a chat.
- Feel free to use the CHAT button to instant message the group (on the toolbar at the bottom) - especially if you need help with something, or don't have a microphone!
- We won't necessarily be able to keep an eye on both rooms at the same time so please bear with us if we're not there.
- We need to manually give you access to the breakout room, which we will try to do asap, but feel free to get our attention if you have been waiting for a while and we haven't added you.
- Feel free to exit the event and re-join, or just mute your microphone and video if you want to drop out for a bit, or just want to listen to the music.


Everyone who takes part will be able to "see" each other - this is part of the aim, so please do turn on your video and sound and join in! We would like it to be interactive and as much as possible like a normal social evening! The exception is in the "dance" room where you are very welcome to turn off your video and microphone and just listen to the music. We do not intend to record or publish the event in any way so it is intended only for the participants at the time. However, we can't guarantee that no-one else will record it. Please also check out Zoom's privacy policy etc. - we can't accept responsibility for any data they may collect as part of using their service.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or trouble setting up.


Dan & Gemma
Lindy Circle Productions
Tel: 01865 872010
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