Monday 8th August 2022
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Lindy Circle News - Bal Revival Online Edition!

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Lindy Circle News - Bal Revival Online Edition! Hi all,

We are missing our dance community, so we are going to try running an online social/dance/music event in place of our Tuesday evening Balboa night. We are going to need to experiment with the format somewhat, so please bear with us. It would be great to see you if you would like to join us. We will run a trial event this Tuesday (tomorrow) and if all goes well we will continue with future events on a regular basis. We would like to make it an interactive event, so depending on how many people turn up it could be chaos, but let's just treat that as part of the fun!

When: Tuesday 31 March, 8pm to 9pm (you don't need to be there for the whole time - just drop in!)

Where: Join via this link:

What: A video conference social with music and chat. We plan to have a "main room" where we will DJ swing music, and maybe attempt to dance a little from our living rooms (please do join in if you have space!). We also plan to have a "breakout room" (a separate video channel which you can dip in and out of) where there will be no music so you will have the chance to chat with whoever else is in the "room".

Requirements: A computer/tablet/mobile with a webcam, speakers and microphone. The link should work in a browser but you will get a better experience if you download the application. You can set this up ahead of time from and check out the settings to test the sound and video. We recommend enabling the "gallery view" so you can see everyone at the same time. Don't worry if it's not perfect - we will probably all be experimenting a bit!

Dress code: Feel free to dress up, or come casual!

Privacy: Everyone who takes part will be able to "see" each other - this is part of the aim, so please do turn on your video and sound and join in! This is not intended to be a one-way stream where we broadcast and you just watch; we would like it to be more interactive, as much like a normal social night as possible. We do not intend to record or publish the event in any way so it is intended only for the participants at the time. However, we can't guarantee that no-one else will record it. Please also check out Zoom's privacy policy etc. - we can't accept responsibility for any data they may collect as part of using their service.

Let us know if you have any questions or trouble setting up.


Dan & Gemma
Lindy Circle Productions
Tel: 01865 872010
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