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Lindy Circle News - 18th March 2012

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Lindy Circle News - 18th March 2012 Hi all,

Latest info as follows:

1) Easter Break - 6th April
2) Bal Friday 10th Anniversary Party - Friday 13th April
3) London Balboa Festival - 26-28th October
4) Mailing List Changes
5) Forthcoming Teaching Schedule


Bal Friday will be closed on 6th April for the Easter holiday. The dates for the next few weeks are as follows:

23 March - On as usual
30 March - On as usual
6 April - BREAK
13 April - 10th Anniversary party (see below)
20 April - On as usual

Details of schedule changes can always be found on our web Calendar:


This spring will be the 10th Anniversary of Bal Fridays at St Michael's Hall. We'll be celebrating on Friday 13th April with: live music from the Shirt Tail Stompers, a Historical Film Clips Session, and plenty of of extra refreshments, cake, and celebratory fizz.

I'm often asked about the History of Balboa and also the history of the Balboa revival. I've therefore included a few paragraphs about this that hopefully will help put into context the occasion of our 10th Anniversary. Perhaps this will be of interest to some of you!

In today's swing scene we are lucky to be spoilt for choice with many places to learn and go dancing. It wasn't always this way, particularly if you were interested in Balboa. Ten years ago Lindy Hop was fairly widespread but there weren't any regular weekly Balboa classes anywhere in the world! Balboa was initially taught just as "Taster" classes at only a few of the large Lindy events. The idea of workshops dedicated to Balboa was very new. The first workshop dedicated solely to Balboa was the "All Balboa Weekend" that started in Cleveland USA in 2001. The next two events were here in Europe with Toulouse (March 2002) followed by London (December 2002). The London workshop subsequently became known as the London Balboa festival from 2003 onwards.

I had taken my first Balboa "Taster Class" back in 1995 and took every opportunity to learn more wherever I could. I had started teaching Lindy Hop by 1995 (in Brighton) but it was several years later before I started teaching Balboa. I initially taught Balboa as just the occasional "Taster" class before first arranging a 6 week Balboa course here in London in July 2001. That proved so successful that I extended it to 12 weeks to meet demand. A couple more courses followed by which time we'd built enough interest to start regular weekly Balboa classes. We imaginatively called it "Bal Friday" and the first one happened at St Michael's Hall on 5th April 2002.

Interest in Balboa has grown steadily since then. There are now loads of Balboa workshops all over the world with plenty of new places here in London where you can now learn the dance. After 10 years we're still going strong in Chiswick too. During this time I've met loads of wonderful people and made many firm friends. Hopefully many of you will be able to make it along to the Anniversary Party and join in our celebration.

We've dropped the usual class format to make more time for social dancing and celebrations:

I have a large number of historical dance films that I've collected over the years. Many clips from these films are happily now available to all via YouTube etc. Other films are less well known and not widely distributed. I will be showing a selection of clips that are either: historically interesting, less well known, or just simply amusing! I will introduce each clip and give some relevant/interesting background info about them. Various types of dancing will be represented including Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Tap, Jazz, etc.

SOCIAL DANCE begins at 20:45

LIVE BAND, the SHIRT TAIL STOMPERS begins at 21:00

CLOSE at 23:30

Plus there will be plenty of extra refreshments, cake, and celebratory fizz. It should be a fittingly memorable evening to mark the 10 years...

Entry will be £10 for the evening (includes film session and live music).

St Michael & All Angels Hall
Corner of Bath Road & The Avenue, Chiswick, London W4 1TT
Very close to Turnham Green tube station (District line).

Details of schedule changes can always be found on our web Calendar:


We are pleased to announce that the details for this year's London Balboa Festival are now up on the website: The main teachers this year will be: Sylvia Sykes & Nick Williams, Mickey Fortanasce & Kelly Arsenault, Jeremy Otth & Laura Keat, and Valerie Salstrom & Jacob Wigger. We have a new format this year where you get more hours of classes with the teachers of your choice - check out the website for details.

We have two great bands lined up with The Shirt Tail Stompers on Friday and Alex Mendham & His Orchestra on Saturday. The price for the full weekend is £135 and we expect to open bookings in April - this will be announced via the website and this mailing list. Please note that we will be unable to offer evening-only tickets this year.


We have changed our mailing list so that you can now sign up to different newsletters depending on your areas of interest (Lindy Circle or London Balboa Festival). There is a link at the bottom of this email where you can change your preferences. By default you will continue to receive all of our emails as usual, so you don't need to take any action; this is just for information.

However, if you are only interested in London Balboa Festival news, then you can unsubscribe from the Lindy Circle newsletter and you will receive fewer emails from us. Note that we will continue to send key announcements about LBF (such as when bookings open) to both of the newsletters, but we may send some extra LBF-specific emails solely to the LBF newsletter; again, you can opt out of these using the link at the bottom.

We have also changed our privacy policy slightly to reflect that we are now using a different mailing list provider. You can see the privacy policy here:


We will be teaching at these forthcoming workshops:

1st April 2012
In this workshop you will learn the difference between balboa and bal-swing, and the different techniques used in each. You will learn how to be relaxed and connected with your partner so that you can lead and follow every step. We will cover the core techniques that form the basis for more advanced moves, as well as the techniques required to transition smoothly between balboa and bal-swing. We will start to combine these techniques to form some fun patterns.

22nd April 2012
In this workshop we will work on refining the fundamental balboa and bal-swing techniques to make your dancing smooth and flowing. We will introduce some variations, and you will learn how to combine the core techniques to form more complicated patterns.

11-13th May 2012
The Titchfield Lindy Weekender. 3 nights of social dancing and 3 Levels of Lindy Hop classes plus optional classes in Balboa, Charleston and Jazz.

17th June 2012
In this workshop you will learn how to create and control momentum to make your dancing really start to flow. We will work on detailed refinement of lead/follow technique to enable you to dance competently at all tempos. We will combine the core techniques of balboa and bal-swing along with other techniques and variations to form more complex moves.

8th July 2012
In this workshop you will learn to refine your techniques to the level where you can lead/follow subtle differences in timing and direction. Dance elements such as dynamics, musicality and syncopated timing will form part of this workshop. You will learn how to combine all of these elements to make flashy moves seem easy.

28-29 July 2012
Details TBA...

19-21st October 2012
A weekend Lindy camp in Stavanger, Norway.

DJAM 2013
25-28th January 2013
The North East Swing & Blues Festival held in the vibrant city of Durham.

You can check out our schedule on the web site at:

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