Sunday 14th February 2016
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Swing Dancing at The Pilot


Learn how to dance the Balboa at our regular weekly club night held every Tuesday evening in The Pilot, Chiswick. You don't need to bring a partner as people are rotated frequently during the classes. Comfortable, non-sticky soled shoes are recommended (ideally leather soled). The classes are follwed by a freestyle social dance until late.

Balboa is an original swing dance that emerged during the late 1920's and early 1930's. It was created on the west coast (LA Region), while Lindy Hop was emerging on the east coast (New York). Both dances evolved to similar styles of music so it's easy to mix Balboa with Lindy on the social dance floor. Come to these regular weekly classes and join the resurgence in popularity in this great swing dance form.

Class Times

7.30 - 8.20pm Balboa Beginners (progresses in monthly cycles)
8.30 - 9.20pm Balboa Intermediates
9.30 - 11pm Social dancing

Please see the class level descriptions below.

£8 for the classes / FREE ENTRY after 9.30pm


Please note that we have a temporary change of venue in January/February 2016 - please see the calendar to check specific dates and locations.

The Pilot
56 Wellesley Road
W4 4BZ

(The nearest tube station is Gunnersbury on the District line)

Although these are regular weekly classes we may have to cancel very occasionally. Please check the News pages and Calendar for details of specific dates before travelling, or sign up to our mailing list.

For further information please Contact Us.


Class Levels

Balboa Beginners
This class is aimed at people who are new to Balboa, those that have been dancing Balboa for a short time, and higher level people who still want to improve their basics. The focus will be on how to lead and follow pure Balboa, some common pure Bal and Bal Swing basics, and easy transitions between the two.

The beginners' classes run in a monthly cycle, with each week building on the material learnt in the previous weeks that month. Absolute beginners will therefore find it easier to start on the first Tuesday of the month, when we assume no prior knowledge at all. However, you are welcome to start at any time - it will just become more challenging as the month progresses! Once you have done a few classes you will find it easier to drop in at any point during the month. The classes are still run on a drop-in basis so you don't need to do all of the classes in one cycle, although your dancing will progress more quickly if you do.

After the beginners' class, if you're not yet ready to join the intermediate class then you are welcome to stay and watch, or head to the bar for a quick swig of dutch courage before the social dancing.

Balboa Intermediates
Once the fundamentals of pure Balboa and Bal Swing are truly second nature, it is time to join the intermediate class (you are of course most welcome to continue coming to the Beginners class to recap or to work on improving your Balboa skills). In this class you will learn more complex moves based upon the fundamentals learned in the beginners class. We work on more detailed refinement of lead/follow technique to enable you to dance competently at all tempos.  Dance elements such as dynamics, musicality, syncopated timing, and other topics will also form part of these classes.

Note: You should already be comfortable with throw-outs, out-and-ins, ad-libs and transitions before joining this class.


Social Dancing

Time to mix and mingle, with music to suit Balboa, Lindy Hop and other styles of swing dance. Feel free to ask anyone to dance - no need to be afraid. We all started out as beginners and remember how intimidating it can appear sometimes!

We play a wide range of styles and tempos of swing music. The era in which it was recorded doesn't matter so long as it feels good for swing dancing. More important to us are the style, musicianship and quality of recording. Essentially, we are a 'full on' traditional style swing night - no compromise!

The social dancing is free and is open to anyone from any style of swing dance, so if you're in the area feel free to drop in and have a dance with us!



The classes are taught by Dan and Gemma Guest, renowned instructors who teach at swing dance events throughout the world. Dan was instrumental in the revival of Balboa, having learned from many of the original "old timer" Balboa dancers. He is widely credited with bringing Balboa to the UK and helping to popularise swing dance both here and more widely in Europe.

Dan and Gemma have a relaxed and lighthearted teaching style, emphasising good lead/follow technique and solid basics. Excellent communicators, they have a knack for explaining complex ideas in a fun and friendly manner.



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