Saturday 23rd June 2018
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London Laminu Workshop

Sunday 9th February 2014
An afternoon Laminu workshop at The Pilot pub in Chiswick. This is a lovely venue where we can relax and get some food and drinks after the workshop. We have the function room booked into the evening for some practice/social dance time.
Laminu is a swing dance that's done to very slow tempo music. Some people describe it as slow Balboa but it's really more than just that. It has its own particular quality of movement and structure that lend it a style and feeling all of its own. You can see a video here. Learning Laminu will also help improve your Balboa because it requires a sophisticated connection and good lead and follow skills.
The workshop will be at beginner/improver level. You do not need to have done any Laminu before but it will help if you have some experience in Balboa - in particular, you should ideally be familiar with the basic 'inwards' connection in Pure Balboa/Laminu. If you are not familiar with this then there is still time to attend some of our beginners' Balboa lessons at Bal Friday, which will really help you to get the most out of the workshop.
We plan to run further, higher level Laminu workshops in future if there is demand, so this will be a great opportunity to polish up your basics in readiness.
You need to book and pay in advance for this workshop. Please email us to book your place and we will then send you the necessary payment details. You do not need to book with a partner - places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis whilst maintaining a good lead/follow ratio. 
Dan Guest & Gemma Barson
Groove Juice Special
Workshop: 2pm to 6pm
Social dancing: 6pm to 9ish (or last couple dancing!)
The Pilot
56 Wellesley Rd, Chiswick, London, W4 4BZ  (Map)
Nearest tube is Gunnersbury. We are in the separate garden room building - walk through the bar and into the rear garden to find us.
Lindy Circle
Tel: 01865 872010
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