Thursday 26th April 2018
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Be A Top Class Teacher

Saturday 2nd November 2013
This practical workshop aims to give teachers a more in-depth understanding of the techniques, options and preferences that we can choose from in our dancing, and therefore in our teaching. We will cover the core techniques that facilitate refinement of connection and give individual feedback about your own dancing, as well as tips on how to help your own students to improve.
We will break down and discuss some key moves, examining in detail what constitutes the move and the physics and biomenchanics that make it work. We will explore various ways of communicating these ideas to students, in line with a variety of different learning styles. This will be facilitated via practical exercises of a participative and interactive nature. You will have an opportunity to check/test your self-awareness and receive individual feedback on where improvements can be made in your dancing and teaching. The workshop will help you to better understand your individual strengths and weaknesses in comparison with your students, peers, and also the teachers that you learn from. We will relate the group's learning experiences during the workshop with how these same aspects can be incorporated into your own teaching methodology. 
Dan Guest & Gemma Barson
See organisors' web site (see below) for details.
See organisors' web site (see below) for details.
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